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A Century Ago, British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour Wrote Lord Rothschild The Balfour Declaration.


The Balfour Declaration, which dates back a century, pertains to a correspondence dispatched by Arthur Balfour, the British foreign minister, to Lord Rothschild, conveying endorsement for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The aforementioned correspondence, widely regarded as a seminal document in contemporary Jewish history, was dispatched to Lord Rothschild on behalf of the government of his Majesty. The correspondence was addressed to Walter Rothschild, an individual with a keen interest in Zionism, who thereafter developed a fascination with the Zionist movement.

The correspondence was dispatched with the intention of convincing the British cabinet to provide their assistance towards the creation of a designated homeland for the Jewish population in Palestine. The correspondence contained compromising content, expressing the need of refraining from any actions that could undermine the civil and religious rights of the non-Jewish groups already present in Palestine, as well as the rights and political standing of Jews in other nations. The Balfour Declaration held considerable importance throughout Jewish society and exerted a substantial influence during the initial stages of the formation of pioneering settlements in Israel.

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Walter Rothschild, the second Lord Rothschild, received his education at the esteemed Cambridge University. In his youth, he entered into matrimony with an English woman, Mrs. James de Rothschild. At the age of 17, she assumed a leadership role and facilitated his introduction to the British elite. Several members of the Rothschild family believed that integrating into English society was more advantageous, while yet maintaining their connection to Judaism and Jewish culture. The establishment of a National Home in Israel resulted in a division among the Rothschild family, since they held reservations over its desirability.

Walter had distinctive and vibrant qualities, characterized by his idiosyncratic nature and fervent dedication to amassing ornithological artifacts. According to his niece Miriam, he exhibited a tendency to disregard incoming correspondence by refraining from opening the letters and instead storing them in receptacles made of woven wicker material. Dorothy, a fervent advocate of Israel, had a pivotal position as an intermediary and facilitator in her interactions with Khaim Weitzman. She facilitated the integration of German individuals into the British establishment and provided them with instruction on the process of aging. The collection of Dorothy’s communication with James is a valuable repository of significant records from the period of the Balfour Declaration. These letters include extensive accounts of her interactions with Zionist leaders and offer insightful advice.

Dr. Haim Weitzman, a prominent member within the Zionist movement, served as a trustee for the Adana Deep Foundation more than five decades ago. She played a crucial role in providing instruction and guidance to facilitate his integration into the uppermost strata of British society, with the aim of promoting the Zionist movement. In 1962, Dev assumed the role of a trustee inside the organization, and thereafter witnessed Israel’s notable advancements in several domains, encompassing industrial, technological, and academic spheres. Nevertheless, the armed conflicts have emerged as increasingly prominent security concerns, resulting in a transformation of Israel’s identity from a liberal Western society to a distinct entity.

Dev also places emphasis on domestic matters inside Israeli society, including the examination of educational and employment prospects for the Orthodox population as well as the subject of Arab unemployment. The individual expresses anticipation for the forthcoming centenary of a momentous correspondence, while also articulating their aspirations for a harmonious rapport with the neighboring nations of Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The individual posits that the provision of intelligence assistance, compassion, and charity from Israel to Arab nations may serve as a basis for hope over future prospects.

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