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A high-speed train in Florida traveling to Orlando struck and fatally injured a pedestrian.


The incident happened when the train, which was a part of the Brightline service, ran into the Pompano Beach pedestrian. Information regarding the incident’s specifics and the victim’s identity was not immediately available. With intentions to extend to Orlando, Brightline is a high-speed rail service that connects Miami and West Palm Beach in Florida. Although it’s intended to provide quick and easy access to transportation throughout the state, incidents such as this one emphasizes how crucial it is to take safety precautions when near railroads.

Officials said the incident happened close to Fort Pierce and that it looks to have been a suicide. The homeless man, 25, who was the victim, allegedly deliberately stepped in front of the northbound Brightline train that was traveling to Orlando. Since Brightline trains started operating six years ago, there have been 99 fatalities connected to them, including this horrific event. In Florida, Brightline runs high-speed trains that have a top speed of 125 mph (200 kph). It is uncertain how fast the train was traveling at the time of the event. Regarding the incident, Brightline officials have not yet responded.

A major advancement in transportation was recently achieved with the opening of the extension of Brightline, the high-speed train service that links Miami and Orlando. But the festivities were short-lived when one of the company’s trains, which was transporting commuters from West Palm Beach to Miami, ran over a pedestrian.

Notably, since Brightline trains started running between Miami and West Palm Beach, they have had the greatest fatality rate of any major railroad operating in the United States. Beginning in 2019, the Associated Press has been analyzing federal statistics and has found that there is roughly one death for every 32,000 miles (51,500 kilometers) that Brightline trains travel. Compared to other major railroads, this rate is far higher—the next worst had a fatality roughly every 130,000 miles (209,200 kilometers).

Brightline has put safety precautions in place, even though none of the prior deaths have been linked to the company’s negligence—the majority have included suicides, cars ignoring crossing gates, and pedestrians crossing tracks improperly. In an effort to increase safety along their routes, these steps include the installation of closed-circuit cameras along tracks, upgraded pedestrian barriers and crossing gates, and signage that provides the suicide prevention hotline.


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