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ASAP Rocky will be tried for felony assault, according to the judge’s ruling.


The current update pertaining to ASAP Rocky’s legal predicament entails a judicial decision wherein it has been determined that he will face trial on charges of felony assault. These charges stem from allegations that he engaged in the act of shooting his former companion, ASAP Relli. The aforementioned determination was made subsequent to ASAP Rocky’s prior declaration of innocence in response to two charges of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, both of which are classified as felonies. These charges are directly linked to an occurrence that transpired outside a hotel situated in Hollywood during the year 2021.

The verdict was determined after an extensive two-day testimony during a preliminary hearing under the jurisdiction of Superior Court Judge M.L. Villa. Judge Villa made the determination that the evidence presented was of a satisfactory nature, so warranting the initiation of a trial by a jury for ASAP Rocky.

During the judicial proceedings, ASAP Relli, alternatively recognized as Terrell Ephron, provided testimony regarding the strained dynamics within his association with ASAP Rocky, expounding upon a dispute that progressively intensified into a state of impasse. According to Relli’s claim, ASAP Rocky was accused of displaying a firearm during the initial confrontation and subsequently involved in a separate incident where gunshots were discharged, leading to a minor injury on Relli’s knuckles.

The court’s determination to proceed with a trial represents a significant juncture in this legal matter, signifying that the information given during the preliminary hearing was sufficiently persuasive to justify additional scrutiny before a jury. assault 

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