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Breaking: Malawi’s Vice President Missing as Plane Disappears from Radar


It is currently unaccounted for. The Malawi Defense Force (MDF) aircraft, which took out from the capital city of Lilongwe, could not successfully land at Mzuzu International Airport as planned. President Lazarus Chakwera has promptly initiated a search and rescue mission in response to the catastrophe, activating national and regional agencies. The objective is to swiftly locate the missing aircraft and its occupants, with a sense of urgency.

The aircraft transporting Vice President Chilima was engaged in a customary flight, a voyage frequently embarked upon by high-ranking government officials for diverse official obligations. In addition to the Vice President, there were nine other individuals on board, including important assistants, security personnel, and crew members. The identity of the other passengers has not been fully revealed as officials focus on the search and rescue operation.

According to reports, the aircraft disappeared from the radar immediately after taking off from Lilongwe. The radar contact was lost without any distress signals or communications from the aircraft, intensifying the urgency and complexity of the search operations. Aviation specialists are currently evaluating possible causes for the abrupt vanishing, including technological malfunctions and unfavorable meteorological conditions, although no definitive answers have been given yet.

The prompt instruction from President Chakwera has resulted in the mobilization of different national resources for a well-organized search effort. The search is being led by the Malawi Defense Force, in conjunction with the Malawi Police Service and civil aviation authorities. Regional agencies and international partners have been notified and may offer further resources and expertise.


The president stressed the significance of a comprehensive and prompt search operation, conveying his worry and support for the families of the individuals on board the aircraft. President Chakwera expressed his condolences and support for Vice President Chilima, his family, and all others present on the aircraft in a public statement. We are fully dedicated to using all available resources and efforts to locate the aircraft and ensure the safe return of all individuals on board.

The search and rescue operations are focused on the areas spanning from Lilongwe to Mzuzu, encompassing a vast expanse of land that comprises diverse topography, including dense forests, mountainous terrain, and bodies of water. The intricate nature of the terrain presents substantial obstacles for the search teams. Aircraft, ground search teams, and perhaps satellite technology are being employed to thoroughly explore the area for any indications of the plane that is currently missing. The Malawi Civil Aviation Authority has announced that a comprehensive inquiry would be initiated to ascertain the cause of the event after the ongoing search and rescue operation is completed. The authorities have requested patience and help from the public as they tirelessly attempt to locate the aircraft that is currently missing.

The plane’s disappearance has caused widespread astonishment and concern in Malawi and beyond. Individuals are voicing their apprehensions and aspirations on social media platforms, employing hashtags like as #FindChilima and #PrayForMalawi to demonstrate their backing. Political figures, both at home and abroad, have expressed their sentiments of unity and optimism for a favorable result.

Former President Peter Mutharika expressed his deep concern for all Malawians in a social media post. We express our solidarity through prayer and optimism, desiring the secure repatriation of Vice President Chilima and all individuals present aboard the aircraft. The African Union and many foreign organizations have also conveyed their preparedness to assist Malawi during this crucial period. Assistance and technical assistance are being offered to guarantee that all feasible action is done to find the aircraft and its passengers who are currently missing.

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Malawi, a landlocked nation situated in southeastern Africa, has encountered several difficulties in the field of aviation in previous times. Nevertheless, an occurrence of this scale, which involves a person of such great authority, has never been seen before. The vanishing of Vice President Chilima’s aircraft is not solely a domestic emergency but also carries substantial ramifications for the stability and operation of the government.

Vice President Saulos Chilima is a famous and influential player in the political landscape of Malawi. He is widely recognized for his significant contributions to the improvement of the public sector and the advancement of the country’s economy. The fact that he is not there during this crucial moment causes apprehensions over the sustainability of these endeavors and the wider consequences on the country’s administration and political environment.

While the search and rescue mission is ongoing, the entire nation is anxious, eagerly anticipating updates regarding the fate of Vice President Chilima and the rest of the individuals aboard. It is expected that the ongoing search efforts will soon provide favorable outcomes, providing comfort and resolution to this distressing incident. Meanwhile, Malawi remains united in its support and prayers, displaying strength and solidarity amid uncertainty.

The vanishing of the aircraft transporting Vice President Saulos Chilima serves as a clear indication of the capriciousness of existence and the crucial significance of national cohesion in times of emergency. With great anticipation, the global community observes Malawi’s progress through this difficult period, anxiously awaiting the safe reunion of its leaders and beloved individuals.

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