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IRAQ PM end “MILITARY” coalition with the U.S.


The issue concerning the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from Iraq is complex and has many different aspects. As a result of increased tensions in the area, the Iraqi Parliament approved a resolution in January 2020 that strongly recommended the withdrawal of foreign forces, including U.S. troops, from Iraqi territory. It is important to note that this resolution does not have legal binding power. Subsequent to the U.S. drone strike at Baghdad International Airport that resulted in the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, tensions between the United States and Iran intensified.

The resolution was driven by apprehensions regarding infringements upon Iraqi sovereignty and calls for the removal of foreign military forces, signifying a crucial juncture in U.S.-Iraq relations. Nevertheless, the execution of this settlement has been intricate, encompassing deliberations, bargaining, and developing geopolitical factors.

Following that, the United States and Iraq engaged in strategic conversations with the objective of ascertaining the extent of American military engagement in Iraq. Although the U.S. has expressed a readiness to engage in talks over a schedule for departure, the specific particulars and precise timetable are still being negotiated and carefully evaluated in light of concerns pertaining to security, stability, and the ongoing efforts to combat any lingering extremist dangers in the area.

It is important to acknowledge that the situation is always changing and has been impacted by various variables, such as Iraq’s aspiration for independence, internal political dynamics, regional tensions, and the broader U.S. strategy in the Middle East. Hence, the process of the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq continues to be an intricate matter with various facets and ongoing advancements.

Prime Minister Al Sudani of Iraq declared the termination of the presence of the U.S-led Coalition, citing concerns about national sovereignty in light of increasing tensions. “We are currently undertaking the task of restructuring the coalition’s presence in Iraq.”

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