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Netanyahu and former Defense Minister Gantz have formed a unity government in Israel.


In an effort to break the impasse that had been going on for a year, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his former Defense Minister Benny Gantz established a unity government. The accord followed three unsuccessful elections, a collapsed power-sharing arrangement, and the COVID-19 epidemic. As per the recent agreement on unity government:

Gantz will take over as prime minister after 18 months of Netanyahu’s tenure. Most important cabinet positions will be shared by Gantz’s Blue and White Party and Netanyahu’s Likud Party. In addition, Gantz will assume the role of Speaker of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. The ongoing pandemic, the economic crisis, and other problems facing the nation are the focus of the unity government. Controversial matters including Netanyahu’s vow to annexes portions of the West Bank and concerns regarding judicial independence will be postponed by the cabinet.

There are various reasons why this unity government is important.

Political deadlock ends: Neither Gantz nor Netanyahu has been able to forge a durable majority coalition, leaving Israel stuck in a protracted political impasse. In spite of Israel’s difficulties, the unity government offers a path out of this impasse and a sense of stability.

Economic and Public Health Challenges: The government was formed in tandem with the COVID-19 pandemic, and its main goals will be to handle the economic and public health. Significant elements of the agreement included Netanyahu’s leadership and experience throughout the outbreak.

Policy Shift: For the time being at least, the unity government recommends a departure from several of Netanyahu’s contentious initiatives, like the annexation of the West Bank.

Leadership Rotation: One special aspect of this agreement is the Prime Minister’s post-rotation system. Halfway through the government’s tenure, Gantz will assume the prime ministership.

Diverse Coalition: This coalition, which consists of parties with different political philosophies, may provide a more impartial form of government.

It’s crucial to remember that there were internal conflicts and criticism of this unity administration. It provides political stability in trying times, but it can also be brittle and encounter difficulties. It is a major step forward in Israeli politics, though, and its effectiveness will rely on how successfully it handles the urgent problems the country faces, chief among them the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the economy.

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