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North Dakota woman killed her boyfriend by poisoning him.

North Dakota

(North Dakota), In a heartbreaking event, 47-year-old Ina Thea Kenoyer is accused of killing her 51-year-old boyfriend, Steven Edward Riley, in Minot, North Dakota. The September 5 murder was motivated, according to the authorities, by “financial motives.” Riley became unwell two days prior to his demise, following a meeting with his attorney to obtain a $30 million bequest. But Kenoyer didn’t dial 911 until the next day. Riley was unconscious when paramedics arrived at his house, and he died a few hours later in the hospital. He was found to have consumed antifreeze, according to an autopsy, although authorities claimed that Kenoyer had poisoned him.

Kenoyer claimed Riley had committed suicide on Facebook prior to her detention, even going so far as to insinuate that she was innocent. She said that because she was Riley’s common-law wife, she intended to split the fortune with his kid. Nonetheless, common-law marriages are not recognized officially by the state. On the other hand, Riley’s son posted on Facebook, “Rest in peace, dad,” voicing his suspicions regarding Kenoyer’s involvement. The way things happened gave me a strong suspicion that it was her, although I wish we had scheduled a meeting sooner. I pray that she receives the just punishment for removing you from this life.”

North Dakota
Ina Thea Kenoyer/mugshot/ Getty Images

An AA felony murder charge against Kenoyer is a serious offense in the state of North Dakota. AA felony murder is usually connected to situations in which a victim dies while committing a particular crime, including burglary, rape, arson, robbery, or kidnapping. The prosecution must prove that the defendant committed one of these listed felonies while causing the victim’s death in order to obtain a conviction for AA felony murder. The terrible nature of the crime and the considerable bequest at stake have attracted a lot of attention to the case.

Riley’s death and its tragic circumstances—which are thought to have been caused by poisoning—are the central focus of the investigation. Kenoyer is charged with his murder, claiming that he did so for financial advantage. The fact that Riley had just inherited $30 million raised the case’s level of curiosity significantly. This charge has a lot of weight in the state and is usually connected to deaths that happen while committing certain felonies, such as burglary, rape, arson, robbery, or kidnapping.

It is important to know the sequence of events that led to Riley’s death. He met with his lawyer to pick up his inherited money, and two days before he passed away, he became gravely ill. Kenoyer did not dial 911 until the next day, even though he was not feeling well. He wasn’t responding when paramedics got to his Minot house. After then, Riley passed away in the hospital. Antifreeze consumption was the cause of Riley’s death, as the postmortem report verified. Authorities claimed Kenoyer was the one who gave Riley the poison. She claimed Riley had committed suicide on social media before being arrested, defending her innocence.

The nuances of Kenoyer and Riley’s relationship are also explored in the case. Calling herself his common-law wife, she felt she should inherit a portion of his fortune. Her argument is complicated by the fact that common-law marriages are not recognized by North Dakota law. On social media, Riley’s son shared a different viewpoint, lamenting the loss of his father and raising questions about Kenoyer’s possible role in the terrible event.

The fact that Riley’s death may have been caused by Kenoyer’s activities during the purported pecuniary motivation is indicated by the AA felony murder charge, which highlights the seriousness of the circumstance. She might suffer dire penalties if found guilty, and the case’s notoriety has attracted a lot of attention because of the terrible nature of the crime and the considerable fortune at stake. It is anticipated that the legal actions and investigations pertaining to this case will persist, providing additional insight into the specifics of this unsettling occurrence.

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