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The Brazilian military is now in a state of heightened readiness.


The Brazilian Armed Forces have increased their state of preparedness and are implementing timely actions in response to a perceived risk of invasion. This fear stems from apprehensions regarding Venezuela’s plans to assert territorial claims over a certain area of Guyana, specifically the Essequibo region. The increasing tensions arise from Venezuela’s recent ‘consultative vote’ over the Essequibo region, which is renowned for its significant mineral wealth. The aforementioned geographic area has assumed a crucial position in driving the economic advancement of Guyana, particularly following the identification of substantial oil reserves in the year 2015.

The apprehension of potential military aggression from Venezuela in pursuit of territorial claims over the Essequibo region has elicited concern among the military circles of Brazil. Consequently, Brazil’s military has promptly undertaken preventive measures to mitigate the perceived threat and enhance defensive capabilities in the border areas. The Brazilian Army has been placed in a state of heightened readiness due to increasing apprehensions regarding a potential incursion by Venezuela into the territory of Guyana. The primary concern pertains to Venezuela’s alleged aspirations to assert control over a certain area of Guyana’s land, specifically the Essequibo region.

Map showing The Essequibo Region of Guyana.

Venezuela has organized a consultative vote over the Essequibo region, renowned for its substantial mineral resources. The aforementioned geographical area has played a pivotal role in facilitating the expeditious economic advancement of Guyana, particularly following the identification of significant petroleum deposits in the year 2015.

In light of concerns regarding the possibility of Venezuela engaging in military action to assert its territorial claims over the Essequibo region, the Brazilian military is adopting preemptive measures to ensure preparedness against potential threats along its borders. The Brazilian Army has implemented a heightened level of alert with the objective of strengthening defensive capabilities and preparedness. This response is prompted by concerns of potential conflicts stemming from Venezuela’s purported territorial aspirations in Guyana.

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