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The Reebok Basketball Division has named Shaq and Allen Iverson as its president and vice president, respectively.


Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson, two basketball legends, have new positions at Reebok. Allen Iverson has been named vice president of the company’s basketball business, and Shaq has been named president of the division. Reebok developed these roles in an attempt to get back into professional performance basketball.

Since Shaq and AI have a history of working together with Reebok, they will be able to draw on their knowledge and connections in their new positions. As president, Shaq will be responsible for forging alliances with teams and athletes and raising the brand’s profile. Allen Iverson, on the other side, will prioritize player acquisition, neighborhood- and grassroots-based projects, and athlete activations, such as the Iverson Classic.

Shaq & Allen/ Getty Images

With excitement over Shaq’s hiring, Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky said, “We are thrilled to be expanding upon our partnership with Shaquille with this historic appointment.” He is the most qualified person to take the reins and guide our brand back to regaining its rightful position and dominance in basketball because of his extensive history with Reebok and his profound influence on the sport.” Shaq and Allen Iverson’s ongoing partnership with Reebok enters an exciting new chapter with this development.

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