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As part of a bloated asylum deal, the United Kingdom paid Rwanda 300 million. No planes have departed.


The £300 million payment made by the United Kingdom to Rwanda was a component of the “Emergency Transit Mechanism” (ETM), a larger initiative. This initiative sought to facilitate the resettlement of individuals requesting asylum in the United Kingdom through the provision of an alternate route to Rwanda. The agreement entailed the transfer of asylum applicants and refugees from camps in Rwanda to the United Kingdom. Notwithstanding this agreement and the remittance rendered, reports suggested that as of the most recent information at hand, no flights had commenced operation.

There was a variety of opinions and responses to this agreement. Advocates contended that it provided a resolution for individuals seeking asylum while relieving strain on the immigration system of the United Kingdom. Conversely, skepticism was expressed by critics regarding the efficacy, ethics, and practicability of such arrangements.

Possible causes for flight delays or cancellations include logistical obstacles, legal intricacies, or changing conditions pertaining to refugee resettlement policies in both the United Kingdom and Rwanda.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the circumstances may have undergone changes since the last information was obtained; therefore, maintaining a steady eye on reputable news outlets would yield the most up-to-date developments regarding this subject.


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