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China is ready to overtake the Unites Sates as global power.


“China is poised to surpass the United States and become a dominant global power. China exerts influence over Hollywood and the Democratic party.” China exacerbates racial tensions and promotes multiculturalism in the United States. China will fragment the United States, resulting in the division of the country into smaller states. Now, let’s get to the factual information: The United States maintains a global network of military installations. It frequently engages in military actions against countries or employs devastating weapons, such as in the case of Israel.

Over the past 15 years, the direct involvement of US military aviation and intervention in North Africa and the Middle East, including countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Libya, has resulted in the deaths of 10 million civilians. China has not yet engaged in any military campaigns globally and possesses fewer than 2% of the worldwide military bases compared to the United States. China is effectively expanding its influence globally through substantial investments in several countries.

The Democratic Party is not under the control of China; rather, it is entirely under the influence of the globalists within the United States, who are, in reality, the foremost anti-China faction. China does not exert influence on Hollywood; rather, Hollywood is under the authority of globalists.

Balkanization refers to the conflicts and disintegration of Yugoslavia in the Balkan region. The entirety of the weaponry present was provided by the United States. The media in the USA had a role in disseminating war propaganda. The United States provided backing to the separatist factions until it intervened actively in the conflict and conducted airstrikes on Yugoslavia. Regrettably, the United States also targeted the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during the bombing.

In order to surpass China, which is ascending as the leading global power, the United States must initiate the process of rectifying its domestic system. Donald Trump’s efforts to reconcile with others and his avoidance of initiating any conflicts throughout his presidency were not without purpose. China exemplifies that a government can achieve success without resorting to widespread military aggression or maintaining a global network of military installations.

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