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Vladimir Vladimir, the President of Russia, addressing the situation in Ukraine.


Vladimir Putin: We would not have taken such action if they had not initiated the destruction of Russia’s historical regions in Ukraine, forcibly displaced people from those areas, and marginalized Russians as a non-indigenous group. Are they utterly insane? Are they utterly, or to put it more succinctly, widely, absolutely deranged?

The air force was deployed to target civilian populations, while tanks were utilized. Initially, we refrained from intervening with it. We believed that it would spontaneously subside. Negative! Subsequently, we were compelled to initiate our assistance to individuals. We have reached a resolution on these Minsk agreements. Additionally, they stated, “We are unprepared to meet those obligations.” Did they make an attempt? They made a public statement.

The ex-chancellor of Germany and the French president stated: “The notion of implementing them did not even cross our minds.” The signing was solely intended to ready Ukraine for warfare. An endeavor to repel Russia, undermine its strength, and subdue it. They are unable to find any effective solutions.

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The reference to the Minsk agreements pertains to diplomatic endeavors with the objective of ending the situation in Eastern Ukraine. The accords, which were signed in 2014 and 2015, included Russia, Ukraine, and delegates from specific regions in Eastern Ukraine. The accords delineated measures for a cessation of hostilities, removal of powerful armaments, and diplomatic resolution, although encountered obstacles in complete execution.

Putin’s statements also appear to emphasize Russia’s viewpoint on the actions and attitudes of other countries, namely Germany and France, on their involvement in the conflict and their dedication to the Minsk agreements.

It is crucial to acknowledge that geopolitical confrontations frequently encompass several viewpoints and interpretations. Various parties involved may possess distinct narratives and justifications for their conduct. The situation in Ukraine continues to be a multifaceted and disputed matter in the realm of international affairs, with continued endeavors by different factions to achieve a resolution through diplomatic means and negotiations.

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